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26 May
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Pro: Free trade, drug legalization, drug reimportation, abortion rights, homosexual marriage rights, open immigration, free expression, free TV time for political candidates, Native American treaty rights, "One nation...indivisible", Congressional power to declare war, carbon tax, death tax, capital gains tax, taxation of dividends, balanced budgets.

Anti: Corporate tax, school prayer, handguns, farm subsidies, stadium subisides, digital piracy, home mortgage interest tax deduction, three-strikes laws, felony murder, misdemeanor manslaughter, "under God", Presidential power to declare war, 11th ammendment expansion, just about everything involving Guantanamo in the past 100 years, and welcoming our new addition: torture.

Queasily ambivalent about: The electoral college, home schooling, health insurance, search & seizure laws, zero-tolerance policing, gift tax, fetal tissue research, affirmative action, military conscription, gambling, death penalty.

Foreign Policy

“You do not make peace with your friends, you make peace with your enemies. You're already at peace with your friends.” -Yitzhak Rabin

What does that mean to me? Something about how we all have to give each other space even though we'll often dislike one another and the things we do.


I sometimes make movies, which I scatter around the internet in hopes people will watch them. You can find some of the more creative (thought highly flawed) ones in this open source archive.
a game of thrones, abdi jimale osman, adam warlock, adult swim, alan parker, alan rudolph, alfred hitchcock, american civil war, amy heckerling, ancient rome, anthony burgess, apocalypse now, baz lurman, bill sienkiewicz, billy wilder, black hole, boardgames, cameron crowe, carl jung, carnival of souls, catherine deneuve, catherine disher, ccgs, chicago, christopher walken, clive barker, coen brothers, conspiracy theory, crispin glover, croupier, crystar, czeslaw milosz, d.h. lawrence, dark conspiracy, darren aronofsky, david bowie, david lynch, david mamet, deep space nine, democrats, disrespect, donnie darko, dorothy parker, dr. strange, elektra, english civil war, film noir, foreign films, forever knight, francis ford coppola, frank miller, french cinema, gary oldman, gillian anderson, gnosticism, h.p. lovecraft, hamlet, hannah arendt, henry darger, hieronymous bosch, history, impressionism, in nomine, insurgency, iowa city, j.r.r. tolkien, jack lemon, james joyce, jean paul sartre, jennifer jason leigh, jeremy irons, jodie foster, joe haldeman, john sayles, john schlesinger, johnny depp, joseph campbell, junior wells, jyhad, katherine kurtz, ken russell, kevin o'donnell, kult, last wave, latin school of chicago, lion in winter, liz phair, luis bunuel, machiavelli, madchen amick, master of magic, middle-brow, movies, mulholland drive, mythology, mythos, night of the hunter, night's children, orson welles, oz, paranoia, paul edwin zimmer, perfect blue, personal autonomy, peter weir, politics, prison, quantum mechanics, ralph bakshi, raoul ruiz, reality as conspiracy, republic of rome, river's edge, roads to freedom, robert altman, robert anton wilson, rolemaster, rom spaceknight, russian civil war, samuel beckett, schroedinger's cat, secrets, serial experiments lain, shakespeare, sheryl lee, silmarillion, spartacus, stanley kubrick, star wars, starcraft, steven soderbergh, strange days, supreme court, syncretism, the apartment, the kinks, the trial, thirty years war, time regained, tom stoppard, turn based strategy, twin peaks, vampire the eternal struggle, war of the worlds, wargames, west wing, wild at heart, william s burroughs, wings of desire, wraith

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