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John & Jane went up the timeline, to catch a fizzle bomber.

Having watched the time-travel / gender identity thriller Predestination at least three times now, I'm even more fascinated by it, and decided to straighten out its timeline in terms of when in their lifetimes the key figures meet each other (it's pretty much all spoilers, so recommend you see the movie first).

1. Baby Jane meets Mother Jane at birth, together through abduction (#2).

2. Baby Jane meets Agent Ethan at abduction, together through through drop-off back in time.

(18+ year gap)

3. Student Jane meets Writer John at school, together through abandonment days/weeks later (where Agent Ethan is present).

(9 or less month gap)

4. Mother Jane gives birth to Baby Jane, together through abduction (#2).

(several year gap)

5. Writer John meets Agent Ethan at bar, together through jump back to shortly before #3.

6. Writer John meets Student Jane, together through abandonment (same as #3).

7. Writer John convinced to abandon Student Jane (present) by Agent Ethan, travels to Future, becomes Agent John.

(indeterminate gap during which AJ is advised by AE's tapes)

8. Agent John finds ticking fizzle bomb. Tries to dispose of it, fails due to interference from Bomber, burned by partially-disposed bomb, life saved by Agent Ethan, returns to Future.

(gap of perhaps months, during which AE begins making tapes)

9. Agent Ethan finds Writer John in bar, time travels with him (same as #5).

10. Agent Ethan abducts Baby Jane, time travels with her (same as #2).

11. Agent Ethan convinces Writer John to abandon Student Jane (present), time travels with him (same as #7).

(gap of hours, days, weeks, during which AE finishes final tape...)

12. Agent Ethan disobeys orders to prevent events of #8, but ends up just fulfilling his role in them.

(gap of weeks or months)

13. Agent Ethan catches Bomber.

(gap of years)

14. Bomber fights Agent Ethan, prevents Agent John from defusing bomb. (Roughly the same as #12.)

(indeterminate gap)

15. Bomber caught by Agent Ethan.

I believe that's all of them. Pretty crazy!

Note 1: The two biggest "lonely" times are during childhood / adolescence and old age, which I think is no coincidence.

Note 2: By shifting POV, the movie shows the events in this order in a fairly continuous way: 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 10, 12, 13/15 (14 never explicit but heavily implied).
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