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Theology Bites

from the More Than One Lesson pocast, covering the movies Nosferatu (1922), Nosferatu (1979) and Shadow Of The Vampire (2000) in a Christian context...

Host: "But this isn't all a downer. Although vampires, like the fallen angels from Jude, live eternally in gloomy darkness, we still have a chance. We...non-vampires...still have a chance."

Co-Host: "To not get bit by sinners."

Host: "Yes! Avoid bites."

Co-Host: "This is the point of Christianity."

Host: "Nothing spiritual, just...avoid bites all around."

Co-Host: "If somebody wants to bite you..."

Host: "Yeah?"

Co-Host: "Figure out if they're a sinner first."

Host: "Let's tally up who bites: Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires. No thank you...And don't you bite either."

Co-Host: "Smoothies for everyone."

Host: "THAT'S the message. I'm glad it came across exactly like I wanted it to."
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